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Robust and safe trampoline with maximum performance

MORE BOOST! - more movement, more energy! 

Our ambition is to create joy and health for jumpers around the World. With a trampoline from North Trampoline, you get a world-class jumping experience that boosts your action, challenges your limits and takes your jumping to the next level! 

A world-class jumping experience! 

We are 100% focused on giving you a world-class jumping experience.

All trampolines from North Trampoline come with innovative safety features, robust build quality, and high-quality components to ensure a sustainable future.

In our range you will find a large selection of trampolines in different shapes, sizes and colours. Choose from the classic round trampoline, oval trampoline, or perhaps go for a large rectangular trampoline with even higher performance?

Our best-selling trampoline ‘Explorer’ has been an extremely popular choice since its introduction in 2013 and is now available as a round, oval or rectangular trampoline. For the dedicated jumper who wants the absolute best when it comes to garden trampolines, we offer Performer - a rectangular performance trampoline with extendable Swedish-made springs and high performance jump mat.

Every North Trampoline is equipped with a safety system (NSS) which is a series of additional safety features, such as Self-closing Entry, Spring Protection and Zero Gap Safety Net Zips. There are also several innovative performance functions (NPS), which adds a new level of safety and jump performance.

If you need trampoline buying advice our knowledgeable staff are here to help you choose your trampoline! 

Also exclusive Australian Distributors for: OZ Trampolines and Akrobat Trampolines