Payment Options

North Trampoline Australia accepts payment for our goods and services in the following formats:

  • Direct Bank Deposit (please contact North Trampoline Australia for further details)
  • Credit Card (visa or Mastercard)
  • Paypal


North Trampoline Australia also offer layby as an alternative payment and ordering option for customers.

Layby orders are placed with North Trampoline Australia via our website. Orders are placed by selecting the "layby now" button. North Trampoline Australia reserves the right to accept or reject a layby order for any reason including without limitation, unavailability of product; an error in the price, image or the product description; or error in your order.

Customers are required to leave a 10% deposit upon placing a layby order. Layby orders are deemed accepted by North Trampoline Australia upon receipt of payment for the deposit. If a deposit payment is not made layby orders will be automatically cancelled within 7 calendar days.

Layby payments can be made over the phone or online through North Trampoline Australia " Manage your layby system". Customers are not required by law to make regular payments although North Trampoline Australia encourages this practice.

All layby payments made online using the 'manage your layby' system require a password. For your privacy and security do not share this password with another individual. North Trampoline Australia is not liable for any loss or damage caused if the password is shared.

Laybys placed with North Trampoline Australia require finalisation within 12 months from the date of deposit. If the layby is not finalised within 12 months North Trampoline Australia has the right to cancel the layby.

If you change your mind or would like to cancel your layby, North Trampoline Australia has the right to charge a $25 termination fee. This fee covers administrative and storage costs. a refund is available for any amounts paid minus the termination fee.

Also exclusive Australian Distributors for: OZ Trampolines and Akrobat Trampolines